I am thrilled to announce a few upcoming shows that I will be doing in connection with the album release of OVAL -- my collaboration with composer Mark Orton (film composer for Nebraska and founder of Tin Hat) who made sumptuous arrangements of some of my more intimate tunes. We recorded the album with the incredibly talented Quartet San Francisco at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California, and I worked away with producer and bassist Todd Sickafoose and a stellar lineup of musicians.

We will be launching the CD on tour and only at these shows. It will not be available online or in digital format until January 2016 so I hope you will take the time to join us.

Very different from the past few years of touring, these shows will focus on the more intimate and meditative aspect of my music-making, brought to life by string quartet and my rhythm section including Andrew Borger on drums, JHNO on piano, keyboard and duduk, and Daniel Fabricant on bass.

September 9th will mark the release of OVAL. Tickets are available here. The SF Chronicle is planning a preview in the Style section for this release, so please get your tickets now if you'd like to be with us.

We will then be heading to Zurich, Germany, Latvia, the UK and Sweden on tour. You can get tickets now to the shows in Zurich at Moods, in Freiburg at JazzHaus, in Herdecke and in London at Jazz Cafe.

I am looking forward immensely to sharing this music with you. This album has been my way back to my music after much life transformation. It is fitting that it is originating from the most intimate place. ...



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