+LIVE at The Independent+


Our LIVE at The Independent album is officially released today! This album was born out of the request of many supporters who wanted to go home with the wild and unapologetic sounds of a live show. ..so we enlisted your support to make it happen and you came through with donations to make it real... So here it is!

We are excited to be releasing the album DIRECT through our own website and through typical digital and hardcopy channels (iTunes, Amazon) which should be able to reach our audience around the world.

The past 7 years have been a fascinating foray into understanding the nature of the music biz, and we strive to work with groups that practice 100% transparency with no-shenanigans-accountability in how they work with artists. We have set up our third album BUILD to be available in the same way so if you've had difficulty finding it in the past, it should be easier now. We want to thank everyone who has helped us along in this path to creating a sustainable path in music where we can continue to flourish as artists throughout our career. As the tech industry changes and new challenges face the music industry, we are excited to be in dialogue with and at the forefront of actions with artists who are taking action to shape our industry into something that supports us continuing to do what we love and need to do--make music and bring that music to you.

We will be celebrating the album release with a springtime show on April 25th at The Independent in SF where we will be playing songs from all three of our studio albums, reaching back to some of our favorites with some beautiful new arrangements as well as bringing you some new sounds as we keep on moving along.


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