Our new album LIVE at The Independent, as well as our latest studio album BUILD, are now available here!

Physical copies are also available via Amazon (LIVE album, BUILD), or digital via iTunes (LIVE album, BUILD).

Do you have a download code for the new album or did you buy a seed card at one of our shows? If so, enter the information below!

Este Mundo:
"Combining the sensual lyricism of Latin American nueva trova with the rhythmic punch of cumbia and the theatricality of cabaret, the April Fishes' sound is ecstatic and powerfully evocative." - LA Times

eXtraOrdinary rendition:
"...a gloriously expressive sound" - Boston Globe

"Clearly the work of a terrorist organization, eXtraOrdinary rendition promotes dangerous anti-American notions such as multiculturalism, internationalism, and exuberant dancing." - Utne Reader

We understand that in the age of information, people have ready access to music and media. If you have found our music and loved it and would like to support our growth, please feel free to contribute! 100% of your donation goes to the April Fishes to continue our journeys ! Thank you!


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